Steam Keys + 5 Guest Keys for alpha Ultimates


We solved all issues ( hopefully ) with Steam and going to start distribution of all keys tonight. If you already got key, then it'll be probably nothing of interest for you.

But for rest of the crowd :

1) We only sending keys to ppl who have accounts in good standing - ie no refund, bans, fraud.

2) If you didn't got e-mail, that basically means that you at some point decided to report us as spam or completely unsubscribe from any e-mails coming from our domain. Tough luck, we can't really do anything here...

So - who gets Steam keys ?

1) All users who purchased game from our website ( no matter what type of account you own ) BEFORE our Steam launch on July 21st. All those players will receive special "Founders Package" key. This key allows you to add game to your Steam library ( it'll be showing you own "Founders Edition" ), but it will not let you create new account on Steam. You'll have to continue to use your existing login e-mail and password you're using right now.

2) All Ultimate Players who had their account as Ultimate Before game went to Beta ( around June 17th ) will receive 5 Guest Keys to give to their friends. Those are Steam keys, so please enjoy. They do not have time restrictions.


All Keys should be sent out in next three days. Meaning - please allow till end of weekend, and if you didn't received key by then, please contact our support. But before you'll do that, please make sure that you checked your spam folder, whitelisted our domain and e-mail address ( ) with your provider !

Have fun !

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