8/5/16 - Patch Notes

Here's the patch notes for 8/5/16!  

  • Cobra-X now has a 14 round magazine, up from 10
  • Weapon Durability bar removed
  • Weapons no longer lose durability when fired and because of this repair has been removed
  • When a weapon reaches 0 slots remaining it will be destroyed upon death.  Slots function as 'lives' for the weapon
  • Upon death, users are all given a 'Quick Frag Bag' to help get them back on their feet and into the pvp action.  This bag comes with a generic assault rifle, some bullets and a medical supply.  
  • You can only have 1 Quick Frag bag and if you die with one in your inventory, you will not be given another.  You are only allowed to have 1 in your Global Vault to prevent stacking.  These are meant to be opened upon acquisition
  • A new small town ready to be explored has been added to the map just south of the military base
  • Novice Servers now allow anyone who has less than 5 hours played to play on them, regardless of level
  • Novice players can now play on veteran servers if they join on friend via the friend system
  • C.I.V medkits are now slightly more common
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