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Hey everyone!

Over the last week we've been working on coming up with a plan for issues that have been bothering our community, and today I want to talk to you about our overall plans for Shattered Skies other than new content and expansions that are coming to the game.

1. PK System

PROBLEM: As many of you pointed out, our initial balancing of the PK System is not providing the intended results - veteran players are afraid of losing significant amounts of PK to the new players, and are afraid of engaging in battles because of that. Solo players are afraid of groups of "non grouped" players, as they will lose more PK than they can get in the best case scenario. Also as of right now we have only one set of cosmetic items and some of the players already have reached that.

SOLUTION: We're working on redesigning PK System, to make it more "fair' so to say for both new and veteran players, and making sure it's dynamic enough, so players will not feel they're missing out on gameplay. We're planning on adding few more "tiers" of cosmetic items to highlight your PK Rating in game. While we do not have final solution to PK rebalancing yet, one of the ideas is that you only loose or gain more than 1 PK points only in case if you're in same bracket as other player. For example let say player with PK Rating of 300 will shoot and kill player with 2000. One will lose 1 point, other will get 1 point. Another example - player with 560 PK will fight player with 680 PK. One of the will lose let say 3 points and another will get 3 points. And at extreme lets take two players with 2100 and 2300PK. One will lose let say 10 points, another will gain 10 points. This way system will be more balanced, yet allowing players with higher PK rating to fight other high PK players and getting substantial rewards.

One of the part of the solution will be removing "team handicap" for PK calculations, but once again it will be done only as part of overall system overhaul.

We also the entertain idea of letting players to access special vendor that sells cool items based on PK Rating.


2. FPS issues and micro stutters.

SOLUTION: Those are newly introduced engine bugs and they're our highest priority to fix right now. They have nothing to do with optimizations, system settings, or system configurations. They're related to interactions between Directx layer of windows and video driver. Bottom line - we're on top of it and hope to have it solved ASAP.


3. Activities - For both solo players and groups.

PROBLEM:  Number of players feel that the game doesn't have enough activities and think that the Reactor is the only activity worth doing.

SOLUTION: We're planning on introducing new activities that can be "activated" by solo players, reworking how comm stations and road blocks are working, also introducing more activities in the outer parts of the map for players who wants to avoid congested "center of the map".  For example we'll introduce random "mini reactor" events through the map, as well as other timed activities happening on the map. We will clearly mark them on the minimap, so players will know where to go. Several events can be active at same time at different parts of the map, creating opportunity for players.

This will probably be the most complex thing to add to the game in the near term, but we do believe it will improve gameplay.


4. SOLO Spawning timer.

SOLUTION: timer will be lowered.


5. SOLO SPAWNING on top of player who killed you and using your frag bag to revenge.

PROBLEM: This is not exactly a problem, but still need to be addressed.

SOLUTION: We're tweaking our spawning algorithm to make sure that you'll be spawned at some distance from both your place of death and location of player who killed you.


6. Content and mid game for looting new guns.

PROBLEM: It looks like it's too easy to obtain rarest guns for elitist players, yet nearly impossible for average player, removing that goal.

SOLUTION: First of all we're adding ability to convert common weapon parts into rares and will change economy balance on converting rares into Legendary and how many legendries you need to get one legendary weapon box. We also planning on introducing more random rare and legendary weapon drops for players who is willing to explore less populated areas of the map. Overall there'll be some rebalancing of the gun spawns in game.


7. Introduction of new content

SOLUTION: While this is not exactly a problem, but once again, we decided it'll be more fun to introduce one new gun every week, instead of introducing 3-4 guns per month in one update. Same goes to cosmetic items, etc...


If you guys feel we didn't covered something important, please let us know in comments.


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