8/17/16 - Hotfix

Just a quick hotfix for some known bugs!

  • 7.62 M43 is now effective out to 70/120 meter range to be in line with 5.56 ammo
  • Cooked food cooldowns have been reduced slightly to be more in line with other food items
  • Group UI now shows your place in the group numerically
  • The triangle over group members heads now displays your number so teammates know who you are
  • Major optimization fixes for stutter & frame drops in combat
  • Material fixes for edges of buildings that were not making any noise when stepped on
  • A bug was found with the corpse grinder pivot location causing it to sometimes be placed underneath terrain and this has been fixed
  • Collision Fixes for some enterable buildings that should smooth out shooting near edges
  • Fortifications box no longer spawns inside orange loot crates
  • Roadblocks and Uplink Stations now have alien spawns at them
  • Bleeding/suicide deaths now reward the player tp get the last hit within 15 seconds the PK rating IE Player X shoots you, and you jump off the roof to your death or bleed out within 15 seconds, Player X gets the kill PK rating for your death
  • Fixed a bug related to swapping backbacks
  • A stutter issue on low settings related to the sky box has been identified and resolved
  • Shotgun buckshot damage has been slightly reduced



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