8/25/16 - Patch Notes

Here's the patch notes for today! 

  • Character Taunts have been added to the game!  Taunt other players by unlocking taunts, holding the alt button and selecting a taunt from your quick bar.  Obtain taunts at cosmetic vendors in Dominion Outposts.  Everyone starts with 4 default taunts, the Salute, Facepalm, Wave and Hands up! 
  • Trading has been added to the game.  Users can now trade items with each other by walking up to another player and holding the E button.
  • A stutter issue related to terrain has been identified and resolved
  • 5 novice and 5 veteran Australian servers have been added
  • Many new graphical optimization updates
  • 3 new legendary weapons are now available from Weapon Boxes!  The Crypt Keeper assault rifle, the Demoralizer rocket launcher and the Spirit Breaker sniper rifle!  
  • The new MXZ5 assault rifle is now spawning in the world in Mercenary, Specops and Elite versions
  • Flashlight blinding effect has been reduced to be more balanced
  • A bug where flashlights appeared on for some players, but off for others has been fixed to be properly synced
  • Due to aliens at roadblocks and blockaids all lengthy repair timers have been reduced
  • Fix to a bug that could sometimes cause a desync thus causing a player to no longer deal any damage
  • Rocket Launcher damage has been slightly reduced
  • The Foundation Skins bag is now available at the weapons vendor for Starlight Coins which gives some new skins!
  • New cosmetic Dominion Enforcer pants and body have been added and can be obtained by opening the Cosmetic Box 1
  • Bug with mines/traps death message leading players to believe they got killed from thousands of meters away has been fixed
  • Text about your death including weapon type and distance has been added to the death screen
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